GoalBio was founded in 2014. We manufacture an array of high quality test reagents, protein research reagents, magnetic beads, and equipment consumables for life science and diagnostic research. Our catalog includes Direct Blood PCR Set、HyBlock 1min Blocking Buffer、Western Blot Stripping Buffer、EX - CL Chemiluminescent HRP kit、Cell / Tissue, Nuclear, Membrane Protein Extraction Kit、Pipet aid and PCR use tubes、8 well strip、96 well plate、Magnetic Beads etc..
We have stock availability for most of our products; making orders quickly received and with our refund policy, also riskless.

For service and technical support, please contact us with no hesitation. Also, feel free to inquire for special needs.
Contact Information
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Telephone: +886-3-211-8556
E-mail: info@bio-cando.com.tw
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